Our Current Rates

Savings Rates

Certificates of Deposit Annual Percentage Yield 
(Accurate as of 07/08/2021)

CD TypeMin BalRateAPYCompounding
91-day$500.000.05%0.05% No
6 Month$500.000.10%0.10%No
12 Month$500.000.15%0.15%Quarterly
18 Month$500.000.20%0.20%No
24 Month$500.000.25% 0.25%Quarterly
30 Month$500.000.25%0.25%No
36 Month$500.000.25%0.25%Quarterly
Trad IRA (18 month)$50.000.20%0.20%Quarterly
Roth IRA (60 month)$50.000.50%0.50%Quarterly
  • All Rates are subject to change. Rates listed above may not be current. Please contact us for the most recent rates.
  • Additional CD options may be available, please stop in for more details.
  • A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal.
  • Please contact us for more information about the terms applicable for these accounts.
  • For non-compounding CD’s with maturities greater than 1 year, interest cannot remain on deposit and payout of interest is mandatory. Interest can be compounded, may be paid by check or transfer to a new or existing savings account.

    NOTE: APY = Annual Percentage Yield

Savings Interest Rates and APY’s
(Accurate as of 07/08/2021)

 Min. BalanceRateAPY
Passbook Savings$100.000.05%0.05% 
  • Minimum balance to open an account is $100.00.
  • A minimum average daily balance of $100 is required to obtain the disclosed annual percentage yield. 
  • A service charge fee of $5.00 will be imposed every quarterly statement cycle unless you maintain a minimum average daily balance of $100.00 for the quarterly statement cycle.
  • The following fees and charges may also apply:
    • Dormant Account Fee:  a formant account fee of $5.00 per month will be charged after 5 years of inactivity. 
    • Early Closing Fee:  a feww of $5.00 is imposed on any account that is closed within the first 90 days.
  • Passbook Savings rates are compounded quarterly.
  • Passbook Savings Account rate may change after the account is opened.
NOTE: APY = Annual Percentage Yield

Mortgage Rates

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Our available Mortgage Loans include:

Conventional Fixed Rate Loans*
Fixed Rate Mortgages offer the convenience of a fixed principal and interest payment over a fixed period of time.

Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARMs)*
Adjustable Rate Mortgages are those that have an interest rate that may change during
the term of the loan.

*All loans subject to credit approval