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One of the most important assets you may have is your home. Whether it’s a mortgage loan to buy, build, remodel or refinance, we can provide you with a high level of personal care and support for you specific needs.

We offer basic Fixed-Rate Mortgages with a minimum down payment of 20%, terms up to 30 years, low closing costs, and no point charges.

Mortgages from Equitable Savings and Loan for your next home purchase

Our 3-year Adjustable-Rate Mortgage offers you all the features of a fixed rate loan combined with the value of an adjustable-rate mortgage. Start with a low initial fixed rate for the first three years. The rate will then adjust every three years. Periodic rate caps limit the maximum allowable increase or decrease when the rate changes, and a lifetime cap limits the maximum allowable increase or decrease in rate over the life of the loan.

Construction loans are available in both fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgages. Interest is paid monthly on the amount of credit outstanding during the construction period of six months followed by a regular amortizing payment schedule. There is no need to refinance after the end of construction. 

Open End Advances on Mortgages

Established mortgage loan customers may be able to borrow additional funds up to the original balance of their mortgage loans under the provisions of an Open-End Advance Agreement. The combined total of the advance plus the current balance on the existing mortgage loan cannot exceed the original amount of the mortgage. There is no title examination charges or appraisal fees required. We will retain the original mortgage as collateral and set up an additional loan and payment schedule. The interest rate on the advance will be the current interest rate in effect for new loans.

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